Installation Problems with 2.48a (O/S Vista 32)

I’ve had to reinstall 2.46 because I couldn’t save any blend files using 2.48a - is anyone else having similar problems or can you think of a solution?

I had no such problem. What’s happening exactly? Any error message in Blender or in its console?

Update: I’ve chosen “Run as Administrator” via the shortcut & installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package - this seems to be the solution, but I’ll have to fully assess things later.

Then you were trying to save your file in a system directory, which is forbidden unless you’re logged in as administrator.

I’ve created a separate desktop folder for the blend files and I can now save without having to “Run as Administrator”, however, I still need to re-enable this if I want to save a new Theme.

Depends how and where you save your theme.
You may be experiencing the problem described in this thread.
But I can’t tell for sure without more information.

I’m not sure what the theme files are called or where they are stored to be honest but I suppose it’s not a great hardship to enable Admin on the few occasions that it’s necessary to change the theme.

Thanks for your help anyway.