When i dwnld the zip file and dubbelclick on the blender application. The program starts running without first an installation windows etc.
So whats wrong.
I have windows 7 64 bit and i dwnld the 64 bit windows version.
Any suggestions?


There is nothing wrong - everything is working as advertised. If you download the Zip file you can just run Blender from the folder without installation. In fact, the download page mentions that there is no installer currently available for the 64 bit version.

Is it causing any problems working this way?

You need to download installer if you want to install Blender. Zip file is there just for those that do not want to install Blender.

You guys i’m having the same problem, but it seems its not actually a problem. But here is the thing, how am i going to install Luxrender in to Blender since it’s not installed in to the computer. Pleas give me an answer as soon as possible, i have practically stopped working because of this problem. If you want to can also e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanx

If you really want to use an installer, use the 32bit windows version.


Regardless whether you used an installer or just extracted the Blender folder into the Program Files folder, LuxRender will consider it “installed”. So if Blender is working, you can just proceed installing LuxRender.

Can you pleas tell me how the process works, to be honest with you, when i opened the Blender folder, it really didn’t have the script folder, so i can direct every script file in to Blenders folder? Also, do i have to download any scripts for Blender, since its the “zip” version. Thanx a bunch for the help.

To get to the scripts folder you need to set windows to show hidden files/folders.
When you extract the zip file there is a hidden folder called .blender and in that there is the scripts folder. This should contain all the standard scripts.


I got all of those figured out, i have another question. I copied and pasted Luxblend script in to Blenders script. And when i open Blenders script window to direct it to the software, i get python script error message. What am i doing wrong now, and even when i try to open Luxbelend render export from the top menu, it still says Python Script Error. Pleas help!!!