Installed on my mac, but could not install it on my linux mx

Hi, I have managed to install latest beta version on my Mac, but I cannot get it to install on my Linux MX.
Can you help?

You can simply download a build from here and launch it - no installation is necessary:

Wow, that was very exciting, thank you, living and learning hey.

Kind regards

Well, After such a thrilling download event for Blender, Blender suddenly became invisible?
I am beggining to think it is a Linux MX problem. Has anybody any experience of this?

Hi. Could you share the output from the terminal of this?
lshw -c video

Hi, of course, but you will have to guide me as to how you want it sharing?

Open the Linux terminal/console. Copy the text line that I wrote above, and then in the linux terminal you do right mouse button, and choose “Paste” from the menu. You press Enter key inside the terminal. Now you will see a text as output result. You select all this resulting text output and with right mouse button on the selected text you choose “Copy”. Now you paste that text here in the forum.