Installing 2.46 on ubuntu

Is there a way that i can install blender 2.46 on ubuntu? The version in the repositories is 2.45. I can download and run the tar.gz but how do i get it to be in the menus?

somewhere on the panel, right click, Add to Panel, Custom Application Launcher…
name: Blender 2.46 (or any name you want)
command: <your_path_to_blender_binary>/blender (or simply click browse, and look for the blender binary.
you may want to put “-w” at the end to start blender in windowed mode… here is what my command looks like:

/home/garu/Documents/downloads/blender/blender-2.46-linux-glibc236-py25-i386/blender -w

Yeah, that’s the way I did it. Added it to the main menu too, but I’m sure there’s some repository out there with the current version that you could add to the synaptic package manager. I would rather do it that way, it’s more clean.

go to

(this one has been answered many times before in these forums)

That link does not lead to a forum. Also, there is no information about installing on that page.

I have the same question. I download the linux bz2 and extracted it into my home folder. When I attempt to run the blender executable by clicking on it, nothing happens. Simply NOTHING happens.

I find the easiest solution is to download the one in the repositories, then download the newest version from the site, and extract the tarball into the Blender directory.

Where is it installed? I’m still new to Ubuntu.