Installing Add-ons in Blender 2.63 Mac OS X


I hope you are all doing well and I hope that someone can help me with this.

I am trying to install some Add-ons into my Blender but i am running into a problem: I am not managing to find the directory of where the Add-ons are stored in Mac OS X. Having said that though when I look into the User Preferences to see where the standard Add-ons are installed i am not managing to find this path (I am including a screen shot of this path). Its as though it invisible.

I am aware that this is a pretty basic problem but this issue is making it a bit frustrating to do certain actions. I am currently trying to install the Render to Print ( Add-on.

I hope someone can help with this.



RMB on the and select show package contents
or Macintosh HD / Users / [username] / Library / Application Support / Blender / 2.65 / scripts / addons
or put all external scripts in an easily accessible folder and in the User Preferences / File panel set the path to this script directory

I had a gut feeling that it was a straight forward solution hehe! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot Richard for your help and all the best fro this New Year.

It took me almost 2 years to learn this…