Installing Blender on CentOs

I new to CentOs and Linux.

I could use some advice for installing Blender on CentOs.

I downloaded blender from the website, and extracted Blender. I was able to start Blender from the extracted folder, this however does not seem to be the proper way to do it.

I found this guide:
This is about building blender from the source code on your own system, i’m not a programmer so this is not something i’m comfortable with. At specially since i’m new to Linux as well.

On windows I frequently try out builds from I would like to do this for Linux as well.

If anyone can tell me what some of the best practices are, some do’s and don’ts on this subject I would appreciate it.

I dont want to mess up my freshly installed Linux. :smiley:

I don’t know whether things are different on CentOS, but normally this is just fine.


Why not? Using official Blender is the best way to do it for me.

The only drawback of using portable official Blender is that you may have to manually create the application launcher and the .blend file association with Blender from the folder where you unpacked tar.bz2.
Otherwise, Linux users usually install Blender from package managers that use the repositories of the distributions. But I’m not sure how it’s done in CentOS.

I’m used to Windows, programs need to be in the “Program Files” folder. I just figured something similar must exist on Linux. I dont know how strick CentOs is on such matters.

I just unpacked the Blender archive in the same folder I downloaded it in, so it’s no problem keeping it there?

No problem at all.

For administrative purposes you might want to move it somewhere else in your /home directory. Just somewhere that makes sense to you so that you have a logical directory structure.