installing blender on fedora core 1


I’m trying to install blender on a pc with linux fedora core 1

the files get expanded, but i’m missing the ‘.blender’ folder en when i double click the blender exe it doesn’t doe anything

if the answer is simple, please excuse me, I’m a total newbee to linux and was allready pretty glad i got it installed with a dual boot (windows and linux)


As to the missing .Blender folder, it’s probably not missing. Under Linux any file or directory name that starts with a . is a hidden file or directory. Check in your desktop environment for an option to “view hidden files” or something like that. In KDE it’s in the view menu of your file browser (Konqueror). Now you should see it.

Blender executable does nothing. Try from the command line? Open up a teminal in the blender directory and type “blender” (no quotes). If it still doesn’t work I’d download it again. Something may have gotten lost.

ok, i’ll try that

thank you

Have you gotten it to work? I use Linux and blender all the time (and love them both). If you’re still having problems, I would be happy to help…


thank you chaan for the offer

actually, it seems I may well need your help.

I didnt’t get blender to work yet

I did manage to open a console (eureka) and got some error message

might the glibc version be different?

p.s. I don’t know anything about linux and did get a version of blender working once with redhat linux8 (long long ago)

any help may be helpful, though I can’t get you the error message right away


did you try a static version - it may be a tad slower but should work

hi tmtechie,

yes, I tried both version, but no luck

also, it seems the support for external usb drives is not quite what it should be on fedora.

I installed mepis the other day, and that did recognize my extra usb drive, but mepis didn’t regognize my monitor and videocard (no trouble there on fedora with a little tweaking)
I’m considering to take a look at mandrake 9.2 or 10

In a way I’m just trying out some distros to see what does what and wich one runs blender with the download from

I do like the support of wacom tablets on fedora, very nice in the gimp


Hello. I too just recently decided to try and wean myself from Microsoft. I have recently installed Fedora core 1 on the PC. Am also having problems installing Blender 2.33a. my question is how do you actually install Blender to be usable by the Fedora OS ? I have DLed both versions of the i386 files and can get them to expand but I believe I have to do another step for the actuall installation? The book I bought that contains the Fedora CDs only mentions how to install RPM files .

DLed both versions of the i386 files and can get them to expand but I believe I have to do another step for the actuall installation?

No, that’s pretty much it. Just expand it (with structure intact) and go. You can run it from your home directory or some other place you wish to put it (I put most of my software somewhere in /usr/local/ but that’s personal preference) All you should need to do is run the Blender executable. You may get a few errors/warnings but it should still work. These can be fixed easily enough. Of course the best way (imho) to get Bender to work optimally for your system is to build it from source. Not as intimidating as it sounds really. :slight_smile:

Oh, and welcome to the M$ free world!

hi cocidius,

well, blender is up and running here, though it is an earlier version (2.32)

with a little surfing i managed to find an rpm for it.

you might need to download some other stuff too

when installing the rpm i got some error messages and after following and installing them, i suddenly had a running blender, all nicely put in the menu’s and all.

Fly3D: after expanding the versions of the blender side, i tried to run them.
I got an error message saying shared libraries couldn’t be loaded or something. One of the libs was installed as far as I could check, the other i didn’t find yet.

Also, the version on the blendersite is without openal. the rpm was with openal

anyway, lots to learn here

Hello pinhead66.
Where did you find the 2.32 rpm at. I have managed to find the 2.31 version in a rpm and was just going to give that a try but would rather have the 2.32 version. Was hoping that by starting with a working RPM package i will be able to update to the 2.33a.
fly3d , can you point me in the right direction for building blender from source. Maybe an online tut you know of. This book doesn’t mentiion compiling unless the actuall command is something different?
Off to do more searches and see if I can locate that 2.32rpm.

Thanks for the replies.

ok, I found a 2.33a rpm at . Dled it and went to the console. Logged into root and did the command rpm -i(name of file). It returns a warning user rse does not exist and warning group rse does not exist. I am assuming to install this RPM I would need to create a group and user names rse ? Then copy the installation to my home directory? Sorry if this is really basic stuff I am asking . I realize as I get more familiar with Linux this will all become second nature to me but looking for confirmation of the thought process here or other possible workarounds?
Thanks .

hi cocidius

I found my version of the blender rpm at

try to find a version wich is related to your version of linux

i just had to double click the rpm file and the rest went automatically
just make sure you have the correct libs etc

anyway, compiling as I understand is take the source, type in a command somewhere, let it run some time and afterwards you have a working version of the program. difficulty is of course that I wouldn’t have the slitest idea where to start concerning that :smiley:

I’m pretty happy things just work (can’t say I’m much of a technical person)

any good books for a really, really noobie concerning linux?

at first i didnt find a shellor console even, go figure…