Installing Blender On Linux

I’m new to linux not Blender… I’m running Mandrake 10.0 and I am having a Hell of a time installing Blender due in large part that I Have no Idea what Im doing in Linux. Can someone help? Thanks in advance.


You’ll need to give us a bit more info. If you let us know what type of install you are attempting (source or pre-built) and what sort of errors, if any you are getting, you’ll probably be able to get better help.

If you don’t understand about the difference between source and pre-built, post a link to the page where you downloaded blender from and then it will be much easier to give you a hand.


Have you an accelerated X server running ( in other words, have you installed the Nvidia, ATi or other 3D graphics card drivers)

If yes, it’s quite easy to install Blender and get it to work perfectly
Download the dynamic version of Blender, uncompress it and place the resultant folder in let’s say, /usr/local/ , make a symbolic link from the Blender executable to /usr/bin/blender, this way you can open a console and type “blender” and get it to run

Is this clear?? I can explain wit more depth

Wow, I just realized how clueless I am to computers or at least Linux! all of that was sort of Greek. How ever I think I found the answer in the linux forums. I’ll have to get home to see if it works. it goes like this.

Since it was downloaded from and was gunzipped and tarred

cd /usr/local/src
tar -tzvf …/tar/mypackage-xx.x.tar.gz
tar -xzvf …/tar/mypackage-xx.x.tar.gz

make install
make clean

make install

I hope that it works… Thanks to everyone who answered. If this method does not work I’ll give a detailed description of what happened. Thanks again.


afaik autotools (what does ./configure to make makefiles) doesn’t exist anymore in blender.
to install from sources you need scons, and to “install” from binary, just run the binary ( i.e. ./blender in the directory you unpacked it in), you can copy it somewhere if you like.
many distros have blender in their package management systems, i.e. an rpm or .deb (debian & debian like) or ebuild (gentoo) in which case u can use the same method to install it as other proggies, with the benefits that it’ll figure out dependencies for you.
any mandrake users know if there’s a mandrake rpm?

Ok, lets stop scaring the poor guy. I have Mandrake 10 and I installed Blender, it’s really easy.

Download one of the Blender linux tars.
Open a terminal and type (assuming it is called blender.tar.gz):

gunzip -d blender.tar.gz
tar -xf blender.tar
cd ./blender

Now to run blender simply type ./blender (while in the directory containing it)

Linux howto’s, these come in handy.

The mandrake docs:

Good day,

EDIT: oops, I see you already did that.

sp: if you downloaded blender-2.34-glibc-2.2.5-i386.tar.gz (which I think you did) then you don’t need to compile it. All you need to do is untar it into a folder and then run the blender executable.

This is what I do:
Download blender-stuff–tar.gz
Untar (unzip) it to my home directory
Rename the “blender-stuff-tar.gz” folder to just plain old “blender”
Change to the blender directory: cd blender
Run the blender executable: ./blender

If I bothered to learn how to make a symbolic link I could skip the step where I change to the blender directory. Maybe I should do that one day, but I’m still new to linux as well so baby steps only for the moment :wink:

If you’re really struggling you can do this all through your desktop envirnoment like you would in windows. Just untar blender-stuff-tar.gz into a directory, go to that directory and double click the the file that says “blender”

Edit: bugger. mr rob wrote pretty much the same thing as me. Note to self: get faster typing fingers