Installing Blender

When I install Blender, it comes up saying you don’t have Python 2.5.2. And when I open Blender after installing, it says “you havent installed Python 2.5.2 and some scripts wont run”, and if i close it, the whole Blender will also quit.I haven’t installed Python 2.5.2, but instead I donwloaded Python 2.6.2?? Anyone know what to do???

Install 2.5.2 as well.

I may be wrong, but I think Blender for Python 2.6 is only available for linux.

…and don’t close that window, Blender is launched from within that.

I think that all the scripts that come with Blender will work no matter what Python you have installed. You only need to install Python 2.5.2 if you are going to be using certain scripts.

And organic is right, don’t close that window.

You guys i’m having problems installing Blender 2.49a zip version. but it seems its not actually a problem. Here is the thing, i have Vista 64-bit, so i have to download 64-bit to be able to use all my rams. So when i download it on to my Mac(zip version), it downloads a folder rather than zip file so i can take it in to my PC(Vista) and extract it in to the computer. But since it means i could just use it without installing it in to my computer, than how else would i be able to install Luxrender or Indigo in to Blender? Pleas Pleas help me out with this one as fast as possible. I have practically stopped doing everything because of this. You can also e-mail me for the answer to [email protected]. Thanx.

The same way you do now. Lux and Indigo don’t need to know where Blender is. The export script for Blender will ask you to define the file path to the Lux executable and for Indigo set the file path in IndigoWrapper.conf. You really don’t have a problem, just make sure you install all the correct files to Blender’s scripts folder and that the default file path for python scripts points to the same scripts folder.

Do i also need to download any pythons? i already have the 2.6 in the computer? So pleas let me know, and thanx for your help. And if its possible, can you tell me what steps to take to install Luxrender in the Blender. Thanx

Your python version I think should be the one appropriate for your Blender version.

You will need Blendigo for Indigo. It is the python exporter. I installed Indigo a while ago, before it became commercial so I don’t know if anything has changed. Assuming it hasn’t, you would copy the file to the Blender scripts folder and copy IndigoWrapper.conf to the Blender bpydata folder and modify IndigoWrapper.conf to include the absolute file path to the Indigo folder. You need to make sure the Blendigo version is the right one for your version of Indigo since each version of Indigo has its own Blendigo.
I know this sounds confusing, but once you get it it is really very simple. If you download from here you should get the correct versions:-

For Luxrender you copy Luxblend(the Lux python script) to Blender’s scripts folder. There is information on

You rock!!! Thanx, i’ll get back and let you know how it went.

You can’t imagine my frustration. When i open the whole folder to open Blender, i then click on Blender and it gives me “The application has failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect. Pleas see this application event log for more detail.” Why? Why? Why? Also when i open that whole folder, i don’t see the script folder, does that mean i have to copy and paste LuxBlend script in to that whole folder? Pleas Pleas help, i need to get this right as fast as possible. Thanx

jonnypro77, you don’t need to ask the same question in multiple threads.

To get to the scripts folder you may need to set windows to show hidden files/folders.
When you extract the zip file there is a folder called .blender and in that there is the scripts folder. This should contain all the standard scripts.

For the error, have you installed the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 ? The blender download page does say this is required and has a link.


I’ll do that right now, but again how do i make that folder appear again or to set windows to show the hidden files.? Thanx for the reply, pleas tell me as soon as possible.

I have no idea, I don’t use Windows.

The folder is hidden on a mac but I’ve tried on a windows machine and looks not to be hidden. The folder called .blender should be in the zip file. You say you downloaded to a Mac and then moved it to a vista machine. Why ? Download and unzip in vista and the folder should be there. If you are still have problems and relly want to use blender, download the installer for the 32bit blender. This should work fine and is fully featured unlike the 64bit version.


Thanks, i found out how to do it. It appears that i have to download Windows Visual C ++ 2008 (x64) redistribution. I already have (x86). When i click on it to install, it tells me “The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you’re running.” But how can it be, i have vista 64-bit. Now i’m going all over the internet and trying to find out why it wont install in to my computer.

I should tell you why i’m trying to that. Basically when i try to open the program, it gives me the side by side error. If you have a solution for this too, pleas let me know, Thanx.

So far i’ve been able to solve all those problems, of course i still have to install Luxrender. But can you pleas tell me how do i install Python 2.6 in Blender. Coz when i open the program, that black screen behind it was unable to find the python, even though i have it in my computer. Can you tell me? Thanx.

Have you tried the python 2.6.2 Windows AMD64 installer

Try it even if you don’t have an AMD processor.


Thank you, i’ll try that.

also have another question. Do i just install it in to the computer? or i have to set the directory to blender? If i have to set the directory to Blender, can you tell me how? I don’t know how to do that. Do i just open Pythons script folder and copy and paste all the contents in to Blenders script folder. Is that how it is? Thanx

Can you guys tell me, is it a good idea to overwrite Blenders python script with downloaded new version python script?