Installing Blender

I had blender 2.49 installed on computer.
I tried to install 2.56 beta but the computer doesn’t know it there.
I uninstalled the 2.49 version and tried to reinstall the 2.56
For some reason it won’t install by it self, the screen flickers every 30 seconds, but it won’t install. It states that if nothing happens, click here. then it asks to open or save, i hit save. then it opens when i hit the application and its only good one time. it goes thru the set up proceedure, never saves it. I have to repeat this for it to work, no shortcut on desk top to activate the program. Any ideas on how reinstall this, i also tried to put 2.49 back on and i have the same problem.

Just to be clear, what operating system are you using? I’m assuming some variation of Windows, but it’s always a good idea to check.

Windows vista is the operating system. and i’m clicking on the correct link

Try using the version from the zip file rather than the installer. You should be able to extract the files from the zip and just double-click the Blender executable and run it from there. At the very least, this will help determine if the problem is with your computer or with Blender (or its installer).

Also, make sure you choose the 64-bit version if you have a 64-bit processor.

Are you talking about using Win RAR for the zip?
My copy of that states to purchase it or remove it.
Could that be the problem?