installing cinepaint

k, windows xp comp. tryin to dl cinepaint.
-dled the tar.gz file
-used 7zip to extract all like someone told me
-got a tar file
-can’t open that

how can i run cinepaint on my comp?

you could open it with a freeware called ‘filzip’ that i use, but you might want to reconsider, because as i understand it the current windows version of cinepaint is highly unstable, but they should come out with a stable release sometime this year.

I just installed it today myself (on winXP Home) without any problems. I think that the tar.gz downloads are the Linux version so you must download the windows installer version. It seems that 1.8 is not yet available for windows so get the 1.7 installer. It seems quite stable to me but I didn’t do anything serious with it yet.

thanks tgremlin, i finally got it to work…one more thing…do u know any good sites for cinepaint tutorials?

I haven’t searched for any tutorials but if I find any I will add them to my links-section (see my sig). But for now you can look around for GIMP tutorials as Cinepaint is based on GIMP and not that different userinterface-wise (as far as I know).