Installing gen3

There is a python script I found that makes trees because I don’t know how to make trees so this program makes it for me. THe thing is I need someone to tell me to properly install it.

That is a great script.
What OS do you use?
Can you find your blender scripts folder? if you can put the python file in it and restart blender open a scripts window and you may have to update menus I think gen-3 is under misc. If you cant do that for some reason open a text window in blender and open the .py named gen3 and hit alt-p to run the script.

EDIT- read the page you linked to;)
“Copy and gt directory into your Blender scripts location.”
copy the gt folder to your scripts folder as well for this script for most all you need is the .py file…

Always check the “install” or “readme” files that usually come with these scripts. Taken from gen3’s “install” file:

  1. Unpack archive into temporary directory.
  2. Copy and gt directory into your Blender scripts location.

1/ Copy into .blender/scripts folder.
2/ Copy gt folder into .blender/scripts/bpymodules

All goes well, make trees.


THanks it finally works now I didn’t know how to put the gt folder into the bpymodules man I’m glad you guys are here. NOw if I can only figure out how it works.

Change one of your views into a “scripts” window, go to “Misc” and “gen3” should appear there; select it and a menu with a bunch of options will show up. Start by creating one of the the preset trees; like “quaking aspen” and click on “generate”. Wait a bit (the trees are abit heavy) and your tree should show up after a while.

This here is an excellent python script and there is a 2.D. graphic system that goes with it to. Man this guy is very smart because he made an algorithm and you can make any plant you want. So man spread the word about this script but it does take a while to load.

yeah I know, and if you combine gen3 with a.n.t.terrain generator you can get some awsome scenes from very little actual modeling.

What script is that I don’t see it in my library?

it’s another add-on script like gen3

what does it do and does it take forever like gen3.

ok, If you check the links below or similar threads you wil find the authors thread for gen3
All the information you need on gen3 is there and it is rather a large thread.
A.N.T. (Another Noise Tool) Landscape creator can be found here,
again it is a large thread full of information.

The suggestion made to you by

provided this link.
Although The program is called landscape not terrain. It’s the same thing.
Make a landscape with ANT, then add trees with gen3.
Often, (as I have found out myself), it pays to use the search function in the forums as much information can easily be found and can help solve many questions.

How old are they and are they live threads. oh yeah how do you shade in those leaves in gen3 and stuff like that. I mean I don’t want a shadeless dull tree. The only thing I can think of is UV editing but I wouldn’t know how to unwrap it correctly. ANy tutorials on ANT landscpae.