Installing Gimp Help

I seem to be having an issue getting Gimp to run on my Mac.
It says I need to install x11, so I go to download it and install, but it says I don’t need it cause I’m using a newer version and then I found an update and it say I dont need that either,but Gimp says I don’t have x11 installed.:mad:

This is what I’m running.

Macbook Pro
OS X 10.4.8
2 GHz Intel Core Duo
2 GB Ram

I’m thinking there might be some issues with my computer being the new intel, but I could be wrong.

Hi LA10,

I just installed X11 and Gimp on my Intel Mac Mini, it didn’t come preinstalled. X11 has to be installed before you install Gimp, so you might have to delete Gimp and reinstall. You can find X11 on your system install disc that came with your computer, it’s in the Optional Installs Package. After agreeing to the license info, you’ll find it under Applications. Somewhere in the X11 or the Gimp install it will ask you if you want to install a script to make the mouse cursor highlight each Gimp window, click yes. Otherwise you have to click the window each time to make it the current one, and extra step. By the way Gimp is a pretty nice app. does every thing I need, can’t afford Photoshop.

Do you mean it won’t let you download x11 because it detected a newer version? Well, GIMP won’t run on a newer version (it sucks, doesn’t it? It’s like trying Python 5.0 with Blender 2.42a: doesn’t work either).
Why don’t you contact the people at apple and tell them why you need an older version? I think that’s the only solution.

Not to mention that Python 5.0 doesn’t exist. That might be a problem :wink:

Do you guys know where it installs x11. I can’t seem to find it, but the installer says there is a newer of it already on the computer. Or maybe is there a file I can delete so I can continue with the installer.

My bad. I meant 2.5, the latest release.
LA10, like I already said, why don’t you contact the people distributing your software? They’ll understand why you need an older version of the software (because a newer one is incompatible with other software you’re using) and I’m sure they’ll find a solution. I’d advise you to not go and delete files; your computer might get messy.

Hi LA10,

Gimp says you must install X11 first before installing Gimp. Apple says to install X11 from your Tiger Install Disc that came with your computer. If you didn’t do it that way, might be why your having problems. I didn’t have any problems at all installing Gimp. If you have X11 installed, you can find X11 in your Applications>Utilities Folder, and the X11 package in Your Harddrive>Library>Receipts. You might have to remove everything and start over to get it to work right.