Installing on Mac OS 7.x

How can I install Blender on a old Mac OS 7.71(or maybe it’s 7.17), my old Mac doesn’t know how to use the .dmg format any help?

Mac OS 7.x dates from 1991 to 1997… in other words it’s older than Blender. Safe to say it’ll never run a museum piece of a computer.

EDIT: Ok I must have been sleepy when I first posted this, it’s really a Mac OS 9.1 not 7.x. Could I run blender on it, or is thier a way to make games for Mac on windows?

Nope, the earliest versions of Blender that supported the Mac are all Darwin OS X (dating from 1999 to the present day, the current version being 10.5 Lepoard) so it’s still not possible to run even the earliest version of Blender on your machine which still predates the existence of Blender as we know it.

For Mac’s anyway it’s not possible to create a Window’s style .exe of a game. Instead you release the .blend file and a Mac complied version of blenderplayer. Check out YoFrankie and you’ll see the Mac versions are just the .blend and a Mac blenderplayer file.

Maybe something here?

wait so I can’t make a .whatever exe is on mac(.app maybe?) On a windows not even with python? In that case I wonder if anyone here has a mac that would be willing to help me do this with.

PS does it matter if the game was runtimed on intel Mac and played on PowerPC?

A mac BGE runtime is just a folder containing the .blend file and a blenderplayer. You run the blenderplayer, it loads the .blend and runs the game. But the mac user has full access to your original .blend file and can open and edit in Blender.

You can’t compile the .blend into an .exe as you can with windows no matter what system you’re running. The full .blend must be released if you want it to run a mac.

Just so you know, Mac OS 9 and before are not the same OS as Mac OS X. As ardee said, Mac OS X is based in Darwin, a modified version of BSD, i.e. it is Unix. Mac OS 9 was not, and thus you can’t expect anything to work.