Installing over Ubuntu?

I have a dual-boot setup with Ubuntu and Windows on my laptop. I’m growing tired of Ubuntu, (I’m having problems with it, and I don’t like how rarely they update their repositories) and I’d like to try something new, probably Sabayon, Gentoo, or vanilla Debian. How simple will it be to install a new distro into the Ubuntu partition without affecting the others, and without messing up GRUB?

have you checked out ?
I am running a similar set up. winxp / ubuntu, dual-boot.

I’ve messed up grub several times while playing around with various distros. There is a piece of software on this disk called gag. It works well enough until you can sort things out. It is also possible to reinstall grub with this.

Grub-0.96 / Lilo-22.7 These tools are the most common bootloaders used with Linux. You can restore your bootloader from this SystemRescueCd. For example, if Windows removed Grub, you can run grub from this CD, and reinstall this bootloader.

Gag (Graphical Boot Manager) an easy to use Boot manager (such as LILO)

Boot into the XP install cd and run the recovery console. Run fixmbr to wipe out grub. Then whatever happens at least the system should be usable. But most distros should update grub. Should being the key word there.

This is all fine and true providing that you have an xp install disk and not one of those “restore” system dvd thingies that comes with a lot of lappies that will wipe your whole HD in the process of “restoring” Been there, done that.

As far as MBR goes, Knoppix comes with an excellent tool called install-mbr which works the same as fixmbr.

My main question is, after I install a different distro over ubuntu, what will happen to grub?
but I think that’s been answered now


Interesting that you are bored with Ubuntu, and looking to move to such as Gentoo. What do you think is not updating fast enough? Core libraries or apps like blender, yafray etc etc.

I’ve done the opposite, I’ve used Linux solely for the last 6 years, starting with Redhat(for @2 yrs) , then to Gentoo (for @3 yrs) and now Ubuntu. I got well and truly f–ked off with Gentoo (i was running the unstable version because i wanted cutting edge) trouble was it kept breaking, badly tested ebuilds and constant changes left my system in a mess. I spent more time trying to fix problems than using the damn distro.

Ubuntu/kubuntu has just not broken and i’m using universe. As for vanilla Debian, that’s just lost it’s way big time. IMHO. Ubuntu has kicked it’s ass.

Not fanboying, just seems you are going where i went and now i’ve come back full circle. good for linux experience anyways.

As for blender, I’m finding it very easy to build CVS on ubuntu (doing after every big commit), it takes 10 minutes max to get the latest blender each time.

Ubuntu never updates their package repositories. They only update them every time a new Ubuntu comes out. This is getting very frustrating for me. My other frustrations with Ubuntu:
-drains my laptop battery 3x faster than Windows
-having loads of trouble trying to compile a CPU scaling applet
-having trouble compiling anything
-for some reasons it sometimes appears to be writing to my FAT drive when it actually isn’t (I save files there, then when I reboot they’re gone)
If I could learn why it drains my battery so fast I might stick with it. But at the moment I’m just looking for alternatives, and Sabayon looks very interesting to me.