installing plugins

how do you install plug-ins,
is there a specific folder in the blender folder i need to put the plug-in folder in?

sorry for the noobish question:o

Plugin file paths are designated in the User Preferences Window in the File Paths Section. By default, the plugins folder is in the Blender directory.

If you are talking about scripts, those are also designated in the User Preferences Window, but the default directory is in Blender/.blender/scripts.

thanks for replying, but i still didnt figure it out:no:

Maybe I can help a little. You put the script/plugin in your blender/.blender/scripts file. The one that shows all the heads? if you have windows in thumbnail view.

Then in blender you do something, lol. set one of the views to scripts. Then click the scripts menu and go to the top, and click update scripts.

Does that help?