Installing python required?

I have a game that uses the pyton methods, random, socket and cmath, and is probably going to use pygame. Is there a way to package these methods with your game so players don’t have to download python 2.5 and pygame as well as the game itself to play?

(The following information applies to Windows systems only)

Which modules are those methods present in? My guess is that you could forgo the Python installation by simply including and zlib.dll along with all of the other required files. Both of these files are in your main Blender installation directory.

For the record, includes most of the Python modules which are not present in Python25.dll, and zlib.dll allows Blender to access the modules from inside the zipped archive, so there is no need to unzip the file.

Also, remember that if your end user does not have a full Python 2.5 install, they may not have the required MSVCR71.dll file on their computer. This is not in the main Blender installation directory because it is not a Blender dependency, but a Python dependency. You should be able to find it in your System or System32 directory. Your games will not run if this file is not present on the end user’s PC.

thanks blendenzo, that will be ectremely usefull information in the near future.