installing scripts on Blender for Mac?

So I noticed there is no “.blender” folder in the Mac version of Blender 2.45. Or else it is probably hidden.

I was wondering how to install scripts on the Mac version of Blender. Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

I do believe this has been posted before, but your going to need to use terminal in some way.

For one it is possible to show hidden folders on OSX (files with a .), once enabled you could just go into the package find .blender and copy your file in.

Otherwise, your going to need to do the following command:

To copy the file do:

cp path1/ path2/

OR to move the file:

mv path1/ path2/

path1/ is where your script is now, and path2/ is where it will end up, which is likely /Applications/Blender/

path1 can be set by using cd, and navigating to the directory where your script is as well.

You can find mor details on cp and mv and others here:

I use a Dashboard widget called “Hidden Files” which toggles between hidden files being displayed or hidden in the Finder (it does require Finder to relaunch, which it does automatically, in order for changes to take effect). It is simple and effective, and is available at the Apple Downloads page here, or a direct link here.

In a Wikibooks tutorial on writing export scripts for Blender, they also suggested that you make an alias of the scripts folder and move it to somewhere logical (that is not hidden, of course). They did this using Terminal, but you can apply it using the Hidden Files widget (with the added advantage of being able to work in Finder). Once you’ve done this, you can still access the scripts folder when hidden files are not displayed (or simply, hidden!)…


Thanks Stevie, that Dashboard widget will be real useful!