Installing SVG export script

I need to export SVG files from Blender so I’ve been searching for a script that will allow me to do that.

I found one post here on the forum, but after I “installed” it, I opened up Blender and nothing happened. I have Python installed and I tried a KMZ/KML import script before and it worked fine. What’s wrong?

Also, can anyone point me to some SVG export scripts that I can try?


Did you update scripts after starting up Blender? This needs to be done manually. You can access update at user preferences (python scripts section) or at the script window.

Alright, now it shows up, but when I export it and open the file up, nothing shows up, just a blank screen. What’s wrong?

Could you please provide a link to the script you are using?

One possibility is that it exported just fine but placed the object in some weird way or scaled it so small you cannot see it. You can verify this by opening the SVG file in some text editor and then examining it.

Here’s the script:

I think he is either my script ( or the bezier to svg curve script ( not sure about link). If he was talking about my script, it is still a work in progress. But I would be glad to work with him on how to use it. A new and more robust version should be coming sometime soon.