installing the Optimisation binary for Intel

OK, Ihave finally got the zip file with the binary to make my AMD athlon machine wrok faster with the rendering, but now, being a complete know nothing I need to know how to install it in my blender software. Can anybody help?

i guess you have to paste it into your blender installation folder and overwrite the current executable…

Do as @ndy said.

I actually even leave the old one there. Seems to be fine as well.

And FYI, please ensure all Blender related questions are posted in Blender General forum and not in News & Chat. Thanks.

I have moved the thread as a result.


so I just copy and past it in the folder?

I have tried using a different folder to unpack the lot and then clicking on the blender icon and I got blender, but I am unsure as to wether it is faster.

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