Installing YafaRay

Hey, I’m a complete newbie to blender so forgive these questions

How do I choose YafaRay as my default renderer? I’ve installed it in the same place as my (Applications folder), like the install said to. However, once I start blender up, I don’t know where to change the renderer from Blender Internal to YafaRay.

How do I map a texture to a cube? Every time I assign a texture to a cube, it is stretched along the sides. Do I need to make a texture in the “unwrapped” shape of the cube?

Any help on these newbie issues is appreciated! :smiley:

In the texture Map Input tab, click the “Cube” button

Yafaray interface works as a python script in blender. If you installed correctly it shoud be in render top menu.

So all the yafray settings including materials and lights are controled by this interface.

More info on yafaray documentation: