Instance Object Along a Path/Curve

Has anybody figured out how to have an object instance along a path/curve in Blender 2.8? In Blender 2.79 you could parent your object to a path and in the path’s property window->object tab->duplicates section you could make instances of the child object along the path. Like an array but instances. I haven’t been able to figure out how and maybe that instance feature isn’t enabled yet.

havent tried it in 2.8, but i would go Animation nodes with this task.

You could make an array and set the offset to the spacing you want… then set the number of array objects to “curve length” and pick your curve. Finally add a curve modifier to bend the array to the path. the objects are not instances and will deform along the curve with this method though so may not be suitable for your use case.

Maybe my problem and solution will be useful in your case.

good luck

Yes this is how I solved it! thank you