Instance on vertex geo nodes

hey guys i’ve been having some fun with geo nodes lately, but i wonder, how do i instance exactly on a vertex and still use a vertex group to tell it which vertex to instance on? im making an L system type thingy and i get ok results using the point distribute node but i’d like to instance on a specific vertex instead of randomly on a face somewhere. just using the point instance node kinda does what i want but then it should instance on just 1 vertex

doesn’t have to be a vertex group i guess, the important thing is the instancing on 1 desired vertex in the geometry part.
hope someone can help because i can’t seem to figure it out. thanks!


Once you have made the vertex group, you can use an Attribute Fill node and multiply with the vertex group. Then if you instance that it only instances on the vertexes that are a part of the vertex group.

thank you so much for this suggestion! i wonder though doesn’t this mean all instances except one are just infinitely small, but they are still there?

Technically yes, but it shouldn’t slow the scene down or anything like that because they are being instanced. I guess maybe it might affect lighting? I wouldn’t expect it to though.

i think i figured it out. the point separate node does exactly what i need. cant believe it took me this long to find it. thanks again for your suggestion :slight_smile: