Instance support with scripts and add-ons?

I actual run out of information on some topics dealing with instances (bind mesh and collection instance), so maybe someone knows an add-on or script.

The thing I have to deal with is to find a way to converting mesh bindings to collection instance. Basically when importing FBX with many instances, to switch the binding method to the collection method.
But also any other helpers are welcome. Like an easier way to distribute modifiers to bound meshes etc.

Also if anyone knows how to change default setting of modifiers, loaders and objects would be highly useful. For example the default property of the multiRes modifier to use vertex as corners is something I do to often manual. Or each time I export or import FBX I have to uncheck ‘animation’, as I do not need that. etc,

PS: Alt/option Click does work on turning them invisible, but not visible as the multi selection function does not work on invisible objects. Maybe there is on option to turn that off? And yes its stupid like a brick.

There is on trick so… if you enable viewport display icon in the outliner filter option. You see a disabled icon… and then you can wipe over them to enable all under the mouse click. Not perfect so.