Instanced collections ignore 'simplify'

Seem like if you instance a collection that has subsurfed objects into another scene, simplify doesn’t affect those objects - is this a bug or to be expected?

I’m no expert, but I have always thought “simplify” was a scene level action, so you’d need ot have it active in both scenes? Definitely the case in 2.79, being active in 1 scene, it isn’t automatically active in the second one.

Yep I have it active in the source scene too…

Just had a quick play with it, if I change in once scene, it doesn’t seem to be different, but then if I make a change in the second scene, if affects both scenes. I wonder if this is tied to linked objects vs a full copy?
Thus the two action are fighting each other as they are trying to affect the same geometry? Just guessing here though.