Instanced particle objects: any way to inherit color from particle's parent object?


(hanoixan) #1

I’d like to use the color from a texture mapped to the body of a bird to influence the tint of each feather’s color.

So far I have a hair particle system being created on a parent mesh, source emitting from its faces, rendering each particle from a referenced object. My hair particle reference object is a simple plane, with its own material that has a feather mapped to it.

What I’d like to do is incorporate a texture or color from a material on my parent mesh to influence the shader node tree on the referenced hair particle object.

I see that the way it’s supposed to work, is that I can check From Instancer (used to be From Dupli) in the Texture Coordinate node, but I don’t get a proper UV map from this. I’ve verified the parent object has a UV map applied.

I’m using Blender 2.8 (consciously, with all the caveats that carries). I really hope this isn’t a 2.8 bug.

edit: It in fact is a 2.8 bug.
Please ignore this post (I can’t delete it).

(yogyog) #2

Can I ask how you set this up in Blender 2.79? Maybe post the node tree for your particle object?