instancing class bpy.types.Constraint

Hi to all!

I’m trying to instancing Constraint class for creating a my own constraint type. Is it possible?

After defining the new class with something simple like this:

class my_constraint(bpy.types.Constraint):
    active = True

what should I do to access it from GUI? :confused:

I saw that working with menu and panels there is the special method


There is something analogous for the modifiers or constraints?


I need to do something like this: ? It is so complicated!! :open_mouth:

Not possible.

There needs to be some serious backend work to get something like this going (like panels and operators) and AFAIK nobody has even started on it yet. I looked into it once or twice and it wouldn’t be too hard, just one of those 2.4->2.6 limbo issues where nobody has taken the time to port over pyconstraints to the new system.


thanks fo tour answer Uncle Entity