Instancing Colletions containing multiple grease pencil objects


I have a bit of an issue when I try to instance collections containing multiple grease pencil objects. It seems to consistently appear when more than 1 grease pencil is in the collection.
Basically instead of staying in the same place, the instanced collection will move to a slightly (or very ) different place when created (sometimes it doesn t move I think when there is no mesh in the collection maybe?), and where i had many different grease pencil objects they will all become duplicates of one of the ones present in the original collection. Or the others can just disapeer too. I’m assuming it’s a bug, unless I’m missing something?

Indeed, that is a bug or a missing feature.

To verify, I just tried to add a Suzanne 2D and a Stroke to a new collection.
Then, I added a collection instance to default collection.
And result is a collection instance made of 2 Stroke objects.

I guess old Dupli system that was renamed Instancing in 2.8 was not yet perfectly updated to Grease Pencil objects.
Actually, it supports one GP object but not a collection of several.
Problem is the same for particles.

Ok thanks for confirming! For now it s possible to work around by selecting all objects of the collection and instance duplicate them and manually put them in another collection (but then you can´t add an object , just modify them).

It looks like problem have been solved, this morning.
In tommorow’s build, it should work.

Fantastic NEWS! Thanks!