Instant Burger Express!


My goal with this project was to create a fictional a photo-realistic render of some fast food, all the textures are done by me. Obviously it’s not photo-real, but hey I think it’s as close as I can get at my current skill-level, and I’m satisfied!

Software used was Blender for modeling and rendering (cycles), Sculptris for sculpting and Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for textures.

After spending more than two weeks on this it’s finally ready to be classified as a “finished project” even though I probably will re-render it soon in higher resolution and some minor fixes to the bump mapping on the lower part of the bread.

Oh and I might render and upload some other camera-shots later, so stay tuned ;D

Higher res and quality.

It looks delicious! I might recommend smoothing out the french fries a bit more, but that’s a minor thing. The burger meat looks exceptionally tasty :yes:

Very good, especially the lettuce! Maybe add a bump to the fries, and very slight translucency to the onion and (even less) to the cheese?

Thank you guys! :smiley:

Yeah, I’ll play around with the materials, thanks!

Looks really good! (im kinda hungry) but i think there is a problem with your ice and the bubbles in the drink … they are black… kinda scary ice. maybe im wrong but they look dark to me. Great work all around though!

wow the ice does look dark, awesome image though

Yeah everything in the soda does look too dark! I don’t know why, I’m using glass materials (with different IOR values) and they are all white (the lightest setting possible…).

Any tips how to resolve this?

It must be good. The fries follow you round the room :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this will be exactly what you need but its in the same area. They cover liquid filled glass jars but i don’t know if that will give the solution.