Instant crash since v. 2.49 in all builds.

Hi all, since the 2.49 version I cannot start any Blender builds. 2.48 functions, but with the new 2.5 version I am already missing the new things. What happens is a windows alert pops up instantly:
“A terminal error has happenend in the application Blender.exe. (x1500000)” (or something very similar) and shuts down. What could be the problem? Only since the 2.49 versions.
I’ve got WinXP Pro, Python, proper video drivers, etc. on a decent PC.

Thanks for any replies, suggestions!

Do you have python 3.1? Try to run blender from console to get better error message.

No, I’ll need to install it. But v. 2.49 uses an older version, which I have, and the same thing happens. I’ll try the console (not at home right now).

Has anyone had something similar happen?

2.5 depends on 3.1 python, oh 2.49 crashes also… dunno then