Instant human needed

Where could I find a basic human model for Blender, with bones and everything? I think on this forum was once a thread that provided one, but I can’t find it anymore. There also seems to be this Makehuman software, do you think that would do?

I tryed the make human script…it works pretty good, except it is extremely laggy… so try it but it may be too laggy to work with. and i couldn’t figure out how to add the human to the normal blender thing

Theres Ludwig, Man Candy And Otheres . Easy Way To Find Em Are To Go Into The Weekend Challenges Of This Forum And Go To The Animation Challeng Number 36(i Think I Didnt Check) And It Will Show Links To Rigged Characters Ready For Animation, I Would Recomend Ludwig Or Man Candy Although The Otheres Are Good Too

Ok, thanks for a help!