Instructor Training Opinion

I was considering teaching a “Blender” training course at a local adult center or high school in the evening hours. The course would be open to anyone, would run about 12-13 weeks and meet once per week for a couple of hours. To cover CDs, printed materials, gas/time, etc. I would charge for the course. Though no definite price has been set, I was thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of $59-$79 USD for the entire course.

I am looking for some feedback as to whether this would be something you would think you or others would be interested in. I don’t expect to have 100’s of people wanting to attend, but if just 20 or so would attend it would be worthwhile.

Any opinions?

For profit use of US high schools is usually not a possibility. Junior Colleges, otoh, generally have extension classes and are usually willing to take on new classes to see how they work out. Most, however, despite their promisses, don’t do much marketing, and rely on the instructor to fill the class. In California, the extension courses used to pay a percentage to the instructor, anywhere from 40 to 70%, depending on how desperate they were for course content, but lately they have gone to paying per instructional hour, as if you were a part time employee.

I’d see if any local community college extension catalogs were available, and check out the fees and class lengths for things like Photoshop or Powerpoint classes. You might want to structure your course as a short intro, with several specific follow up courses, rather than one huge semester long class. I’d also drop by towards the end of a Photoshop class session, introduce myself to the instructor, and pick his or her brain about marketing software based courses.