Instrument playing animation (guitar, banjo)

what ist the best way to animate guitar playing ?
It’s a repetitive task. Accords, same notes.

Bone poses, shape keys or … ?


I would suggest using midi as an input into a python script that controls the motion of your armatures. this might even be possible to do this as you import from your midi keyboard. I am fairly sure that there is at least one script available on the internet, so you might not have to rewrite anything. It is of course up to you to provide the midi file.

I’ve been (very slowly) working on a script to do exactly this. Taking tablature in MusicXML format and generating keys for IK targets.
(Everyone says use MIDI, until they think about it)
Don’t expect the script any time soon, however. For now your best bet is to hand animate IK targets that are parented to your guitar. This means a lot of drudge work, but basically is the most effective way to do it.
Check out “Sad Sad Song” from my sig for an example.

Good luck!