INT game project looking for a modeler.

I am looking for a modeler for the INT game project. We are building a Sci-Fi RPG with space western and roguelike elements. Additionally, we are using unity to build the game and it will be a fully 3D modeled game.

Currently, we would like to find an additional 3D modeler to assist with development. We are looking for a 3D modeler to be skilled in modeling high and low poly props.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with Unity
  • Prior Experience
  • Portfolio
  • Necessary Agreements before Acceptance
  • Help promote our Social Media pages (all members of our team are being asked to do this)
  • Weekly time investment in the project of ten to twenty hours,
  • Participation in weekly meetings and sub-team meetings,
  • Forum Use
  • Sign the NDA

Lastly, I would like it to be stated that we are a collaboration effort and a profit sharing enterprise.
Game sales and funds raised will be split with the team after the company acquires enough to pay for
licensing and software.

Please post a reply or contact me - [email protected]


Dev Team lead for the INT game project.

nice web site, good luck with the game developmentā€¦