Integrate Skripts more into the Menus...


there are a lot of very usefull functions in blender, which are accessible through skripts. Eg: the archimap uv unwrapper, ao-vertex-colors (selfshadow), export uv-map as image, several weight-paint- or modelling tools.

Wouldn’t it be better to integrate these skripts more into the other menus, because when learning and using blender, one will search in the menus, where a tool would be thematical placed, instead of in a skripts-folder… And a new user would be “afraid” of looking in the skripts-folder…


They are allready as you want… UV scripts are integrated in uv window menus, mesh scripts souch as bevel are in mesh menus, etc

I think he means that, for example, the Bevel Center script should be accessible (but with the little snake icon) from the W-KEY popup, right next to the regular Bevel command.

I wanted that function now for a year. I know I can’t program but I don’t know either who to ask if someone could do that.

yes, it’s exactly like harkyman said: it should be better accessible or visible for everyone. the next point (you mentioned the snake icon): i ask myself if it is possible to convert a python-script to a “hardcoded” feature (like the other tools are)…?

Thanx for reply

Or bevel should be renamed Bevel all since it bevels all edges and have the bevel center script be the one you would want to bevel the selected edges.

i think the only reason they havent done it yet is because they are afraid that intergrating all of the scripts might make the blender.exe bigger

but it would be nice

The size of the Blender executable has nothing to do with this.

Anyway, short answer to all this is that ‘its planned’, but it will require other work to happen first (event system refactor and tools API).