Integrated system console?

Hi there,

I have over the past few months been making the transition to V-Ray for Blender and I have an issue. (Not relating to the changes made in that build, its a general blender thing.)

I find having the system console window open really useful when using vray as all the progress/log info is written there during a render, however, I despise having a seperate window open for this, but what is even worse is an accidental closure of that window shuts down blender, without the prompt to save.

I know this is a ‘Well just dont close it then!’ sort of issue :slight_smile: But I was wondering if there is anyway to get the same information integrated with the blender ui?

Any help would be appreciated.

Just giving this a bump, this time with my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

After re-reading my initial post, incase its not clear, I’m basically wondering if there is a way to get the output of the console window to display in Blender GUI