Integrating Blender as primitive CAD program?

This may be a real long shot, but I have to ask. I’ve been directed here from another forum. I have no experience of Blender but somebody’s suggested I could cut it down and integrate it into my program to do what I’m wanting to do. Please bear with me as I explain what it is.

Using Mediachance Multimedia Builder, I’ve made a program for helping the user to design a project. The project could be pretty much anything, but it will always have different kinds of elements that the user arranges, deletes, renames, creates, etc.

Anyway, this program was completed a week ago. Since then, it occurred to me it’d be great to add a new section to the program where the user could see their project as a 3D arrangement. All the planning they’ve done in the program would be translated into a primitive 3D “mindmap” - nice and simple, retro.

Now I know exactly how I want the translation to be done, and I know exactly how I want the 3D result to look. The problem is, I have no idea how to achieve it. I would appreciate any advice from the people around here on how to do it.

What I want is a simple black background, and the elements of the user’s project shown as primitive 3D shapes - a cube, a cone, a sphere and so on. And we’re talking VERY primitive, like this:
The user should be able to add new elements (shapes) directly to the 3D visualisation, and to change the colours of shapes. They should also be able to click on any shape and the app would send an instruction to the MMB app ("shape clicked: cube16), which would display the details of the project element that the shape represents.

The 3D presentation has to be part of the MMB app - like a window within the window. I know for a fact this is possible; MMB can have “binded programs” and it can send instructions to a binded app.

It seems there are three options here.

a) I find an executable that already exists for this task. It would be controllable from the command line, and my program would feed instructions to it: “create x number of spheres, position sphere 1 here, sphere 2 here, colour sphere 6 rgb(128,0,92)” etc. Unfortunately I’ve been scouring the net for the last few days and haven’t found anything.

b) I code such a program myself. This would require me to learn a new coding program. Since I know a little BASIC, I’ve experimented with making such a program using DarkBASIC, but when I bind it into my MMB app, it takes about five seconds to load up! And it’s a huge file - 6mb for just 10 lines of code.

c) As suggested by somebody on another forum, I integrate Blender into my program and use it to generate all the 3D shapes and links between them.

Does anybody here know how this could be done?

Alternatively, if you think Blender wouldn’t be suitable for this, can you think of any existing software utility that does what I want already? Or, if you think I’d be better coding a program myself, can you recommend a program to code it in? As you can see, I’m at a loss here!

Here are the requirements:

  1. The app must be able to generate an infinite number of primitive 3D shapes, during runtime.

  2. The app is almost 100% controlled from the host MMB app.

  3. The app can send information to the host app (shape clicked / mouse dragged to xyz pos / shape’s xyz pos / etc.)

  4. The app can compute distance+angle between two shapes for creating a link between them (the grey line in the image above)

  5. Ideally, the app can take camera instructions from the host app, so that the user can move around their 3D plan.

Finally, if you can think of a better forum for me to ask this question in, please let me know as I don’t like treading on people’s toes. Once again, I apologise if this is the wrong place but I’m at a loss here.

Thanks in advance for any help,