Integrating CG into video! - Help!!!

Hi guys! I’m integrating some houses into a video but I’m not really sure how to progress and really sell the effect!

I’d be very happy to hear your ideas!

The reflections in the windows look a bit fake. Look at the windows on the left side of the street. The wall also look very flat, maybe you could push some of the sections outwards like on the building on the left.

I have not done stuff like this myself so I am only guessing here, but I think I would try to ‘copy’ as many things as possible from the house on the left. This was you can easily spot which parts of your house are wrong compared to the real one.

Thanks for your ideas! I do agree that changing the model might really help the realism. I still wonder if there are any major things I am missing. Especially during the compositing phase…
Anyone who’s done this kind of stuff before?