Integration of a real image generated images in Blender (Cycles) other method

Following this interesting link Project 6 beep boop bop a love story. I found another way to integrate images generated in Blender and real images. The process is very fluid and effective. so much so that the author of this Blog so used to a very good animation.

The process is very similar to that described in the entry Integracion de imagen real con imagenes. Change is in the manner intengran leftovers and the actual image. This mask is used for shadows and so this does not affect picture quality. Being the end result of very good quality.

As always comments and suggestions are most welcome.
In my blog describes the process of creating this image and displays the nodes and materials.
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Since I am playing around with integrating photos and 3D using Cycles too, find your approach very interesting. But I think you need to recreate the scene more accurately for a more realistic result. The stone behind the lamp should deform its shadow. The shadow is also too bright I think, when you compare them with the others.

If he’s right I’m thinking how to put that piece of the picture behind the lamp to get to warp. Tindria stensil to use a layer for it. But I have not yet achieved. It is cumbersome to deal with the shadow color tendons to practice more.

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I’m sure you can just setup a shade that only recieves shadows and then all you really need to model is the stone and the piece of metal bar that the shadow also crosses. I know from just watching the latest BG tut that when using motion capture and setting up the scene it adds a plane that already has a shader setup to just recieve shadows, check it out:)

Also should the glass be black or clear?

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Indeed is necessary to recreate the scene elements that interact with the shadow and thus achieves the effect of leftovers physically correct. I’m doing the scene with the shadow elemtos that modify and change is remarkable.

Updated with a new lamp model



That source image just has some really difficult to recreate light…

Indeed. Without wanting to chose a scene too complex to recreate the light

Thanks for the comments