integration of

Recently got a new webface.

I know this is not >> however i wonder shouldnt they (who are also here in the community)
put in a page top link to jump straight from their site, to here their most valuable community site ?.
And i know there are others too, but well most people are here, its driven by an active community so a direct link would be great

If they think well i am onto something here, and wonder where that link should end.
Then i would sugest a page on this site where one could see in a list active (writen) forum entries.
Put on that page also a link to the root of the forums.

Maybe there is already a link from to here somewhere deeply nested.
But as once famous philosopher said (plato) you shouldnt click more then 3 times to get somewhere
Minimizing a link from > straight to once last forum entries is a huge reduction.
And to the blender site itself, its also good people who are new (would just jump to the forum root) will see how much we all support each-other.