Integration with live action

My current project includes intregration with live action
Ive stop motion animated some legos but to enhance the scene i built lego skyscapers since i dind;t have the bricks to build them in real life. So if i greenscreened my live action footage how do i integrate my model into it such as the camera angle and lighting

You need camera tracking software such as Syntheyes, supporting blender.
If it is a non commercial production you can also use Voodoo Camera Tracker.
Both support blender. (2.49 for sure you might have to open the scripts the trackers create in 2.49 and open the file later in 2.5)

By experience I find that Voodoo doesn´t deliver satisfying results without CAHV Camera data, while Syntheyes does a kickass job calculating back the camera parameters.
There are plenty other camera trackers out there, but they either don´t support blender or are beyond 1000USD.

Keyeing out the greenscreen is done in blenders compositor, or you postpro the CG sequence in Premiere or AE with the live footage.

Was your camera locked off on a tripod or did you move that and your characters? Darn good work if you did both. :slight_smile:

If you’re camera was locked off it may be quicker and more effective to just eyeball it. That is get blenders camera and your stopmo camera angles the same by guestimate, by eye, then model your backgrounds, try to match lighting, render and composite with greenscreen / spill etc etc nodes.

Don’t know how effective tracking stop motion would be. :slight_smile:

okay so if i have my camera stabalized and not moving do I just take a frame form the flm and use it as a background image then model my stuff and match the angle up or what?

Well it’s one approach yes. I’d try to match the cameras, then model.

Blenders camera doesn’t have real physical camera settings really, but if you’re using 2.4x then there is a python ‘blenses’ script that allows you to enter camera info like lens, film back, subject distance etc to match with your real camera, that may help. Having got that the rest of your work could be done in 2.5x.