Integrator Settings in cycles

Hi everyone,

I´ pretty new to Blender as and got a question rgarding the render settings. There is a tutorial by Andrew Price called “Cycles Tutorial:Interior rendering”. Within he mentions the Blender integrator and the adjustments to speed up live rendering. Problem is there are no integrator settings to be found. Im using Blender 2.65.0 r53189. If you need further information to sort this out with me I´m happy to provide them. I just don´t know where to start. Cycles seems to work fine otherwise ( no crashes or weired artifacts, just no integrator to be seen ).

THX in adcance,


Sampling and Light Path panels


THX for the quick reply, did the interface change? If you don´t know your way around pretty well and learn by doing tutorials this is sometimes the most time consuming part… But I´m glad somebody cares to answer :wink:
THX again!