intel/amd compile gains?

here’s another one of my crazy ideas…

what gains in preformance would we see if someone did intel blender the right way? i mean with a good code cleanup, added optimisations and tweaked it a bit?

could the same be done with an amd native compiler, or better yet an amd64 optimised one?

if so, how about yafray?

lastly, who do i/we (who want more preformance, if possible) turn to to make any of it happen sometime soon?

the intel compiler actually increases AMD speeds. so don’t worry about it LOL

you see there are few changes that Intel compilers ever do which don’t increase on AMD also.

also i asked him and he said that YAFRAY was having trouble compiling with it.


I think the question was more about whether if an expert with the Intel compiler made some code alterations it could optimized even further?