Intel Core I7 6950X

Rendered in Cycles, textured in Substance Painter.

This looks amazing! I really can’t see anything wrong with it. Great job.

Fantastic work!

(This is my desktop wallpaper right now, hope you don’t mind)

Not at all - its mine too!

Great work !!! So realistic !!! Love it !

Great texturing!!
It looks photorealistic.

Good use of depth of field also.

Congratulations. Excellent job!

This is a very realistic rendering! A tiny detail that can make your image even closer to reality is to remove the emboss effect of the letters on the ihs.

If I do another rendering I’ll definitely change that: I couldn’t really tell from my reference whether the letters were embossed or not.

I’m thinking about making a christmassy render around the processor, I know it seems odd but I like the idea of an ‘all I want for christmas is you’ joke!

Beautiful render! Your eye for detail is very good.
However, the roughness and color textures on the CPUs does seem to be identical though. It is a tiny thing, but it is noticeable on a few of the CPUs. In this case it is not a big deal at all because your lighting hides it, but in some cases it can ruin a bit of the realism of the image if you do not add a bit of variation.
Anyway, really cool project! The DoF, lens distortion, lighting and so on are spot on!

This looks like a photo, it’s beautiful;). Would you mind sharing the .blend file or a picture of the node setups? I would really like to learn from it and maybe others with me.

Makes me wish I had the same exact CPU. I like how it looks almost industrial, because of the colour and the ground on which the CPUs are on. It’s interesting, since Intel’s products and advertising don’t normally evoke this sort of imagery, while gamers and other PC enthusiasts often appreciate it.