Intel Core i7: Blows through renders, but no sense expecting much faster game FPS
If you’re an artist or animator you’ll love this new chip from Intel, offering the fastest rendering speeds of any chip on the market. But expecting much faster game performance will end in disappointment.

It makes little sense for me to upgrade my CPU now, as I took a pretty big leap from a Pentium D to a Core 2 Quad. I’ll personally wait until I can grab up to 4 times rendering performance like I saw when I last upgraded.

I’ll do the same as you CD. I don’t think my laptop can handle that chip anyway.

For now… it´s the same with the C2Q. But nowadays games started development 3-5 years ago. And it was state of the art then to develop for dualcore. not manycore…
the next game generation will be coded for manycores for sure… the coders moved from dedicated programming for implicit cores to a structure where one core distributes to the other cores available, no matter how many… First game to have this perfectly implemented will be “Anno 1401” by sunflower games… if i remember right and it will launch early 2009, so the road is paved for manycores to blew C2D to pieces.
And 2 cores of the Ci7 “flagship” are still faster than the fastest C2D.

Smart move ^^

Likewise, just updated my processor and some other bits recently, so will wait, but looked into these chipsets a bit and I’m keen to keep and eye on them for sure. Buying a processor that has just come out is never a great move money wise unless you have the money to burn anyway.