Intel has an AMD dual core slayer lined up

Oooohh. That’s pretty.

Damn… and I thought my new socket 939 would last me long enough for some crazy upgrades… :frowning:

they gave intel the higher advantage.

The AMD system used 1GB of DDR400 running at 2-2-2/1T timings, while the Intel system used 1GB of DDR2-667 running at 4-4-4.

clearly unfair

not entirely,
amd benifets from haveing the lower latencies, and thats why they think its reasonable.

amd is waiting for ddr2 800 to release am2 because of the higher latencies for ddr2.

to be honest, all my computers have been amd, and this finally has me worried.

^ i still like that though. stupid intel.

they are finally deciding that clockspeed isnt enough to win people, its preformance. thats why the conroe is going to do so well.
i cant believe i said that

Personally I’m glad to see this, it means AMD are doing things right enough to scare the living heck out of Intel and get them to pull their collective fingers ot their rear ends. Hopefully AMD can come up with something to counter with in the 6 months or so they reckon it will take to get this new chip to market.

Whether you’re in the Intel or the AMD camp you can’t deny the competition between the two has been good for everyone. Now that AMD are concentrating on cooler quieter more efficiant processors Intel has finally realised that it’s hot and hungry NetBurst chips are just not going to cut it anymore. This means everyone should eventually end up with quieter PCs that don’t require half a kilo of copper strapped to the CPU to keep it from exploding or PSUs that could power a smal electric fire.

I just hope AMD can keep up the pace and get something that can compete out the door.

I just hope AMD can keep up the pace and get something that can compete out the door.

Amen to that. I use only AMD too, but on a lot of points Intel has an edge on AMD. I keep supporting AMD because they are dirt cheap compared to Intel and the CURRENT dual cores are better than Intel’s.

That said it is only good indeed that Intel will score big now. A healthy compitition is always good for the consumer.