Intel HD 4000 GPU - will it work for Blender GPU rendering

Am planning to biuy Mac Book Pro 13.3 Inch - MD101LL/A

This machine has Intel HD 4000 Graphics Card

Will GPU rendering happen in this case?


On my MBA 13 inches/HD4000, Blender doesn’t let me choose between CPU and GPU. Only CPU appears…

Macbooks have big + because they have thunderbolt and if you have like PC card like GTX580 you can conect it :stuck_out_tongue: simply to your macbook.

Which version of Blender are you using? What’s your MBA version?

Means no GPU rendering? What a waste of money then?

OMG! how many times this have to be said…

Cycles, is rendering on CUDA. And the only graphics cards with support cycles are made by Nvidia. Intel is not Nvidia.

But you are lucky because the new Macbooks Pro are back to Nvidia… but you have to buy Macbook Pro with Nvidia card.

So you can buy only 15.

If you want spend so a lot of money… on computer… i would suggest 2 options.

Buy the chipest apple Macbook, because you want remote computer made by apple?
For rest money buy PC with i5 + GTX580.


Just buy the Macbook pro 15, in the highest spec… but it will be slow acctualy.

Can you share in detail as to how to connect nvidia card to MacBook Pro? I want to use GPU rendering

this is quite complicated and not cheap option… First of all there is many many way’s of doing this. Just read articles on internet there is many solutions… but generaly it is not cheap mostly you will have to spend 1000$ for just connection tools + card

There was one company with made it really nice you have to just buy metal box put inside card, and it was working just plug and play… but i don’t remember the name ;x

Found it !!!

MBA 13’ mid-2012/ intel core i5 1.8ghz/ intel hd4000/ 4 gb of ram ddr3/ ssd 128gb and tested with Blender 2.64 official release.