Intel HD graphics or GF810M - which GPU to choose?

(Sceynyos yos) #1

I’m looking to buy a new laptop to use Blender with. I’ve searched and read quite a bit and still can’t wrap my head around how to choose a GPU.

Currently my choice boils down to between one of about a dozen laptops with Intel HD Graphics (505, 405, 500, 400, Braswell, Bay Trail or just no version specified) and a laptop with Nvidia GeForce 810M - although I could go for 920M (w/ 1gb ddr3) or GT 740M (w/ 2GB DDR3, 64-bit) if either is quite a bit faster.

The Nvidia one has a processor Pentium N4200 quad core w/ 8GB DDR3 and 2GB DDR3 video memory.

The HDG ones have basically the same processor options (or Pentium or Celeron 3XXX, but I presume those are slower), but don’t have independant video memory.

I’d also like to ask if it’s worth getting an IPS screen.

(Daedalus_MDW) #2

nvidia one will have better opengl support i think.

dont waste money on ips. they look good, but known for lag or ghosting. meaning, not for gaming usually. i have heard ips is improved but i havent seen.