Intel HD integrated graphics card

So I have an Intel HD integrated graphics card. Just curious to know when using Blender, if I am in rendered mode and if I play an animation in rendered mode using the Eevee renderer, would it use my CPU as well as my graphics card to play the animations? Even though I am not using CUDA or OpenGL (simply cause my graphics card does not support those)?

You would be rendering with whatever the settings say within Blender, which as you state being your CPU integrated graphics and not the incompatible graphics card, would be the only thing doing the rendering. Now this would be different to actually displaying the rendered animation frames on your computer.
As for displaying the image on your monitor, it would be what it is plugged into, either through the motherboard for integrated graphics or directly to the graphics card (assuming you are using a desktop computer and not a laptop).

You could possibly also see in the task manager whether the integrated graphics or graphics card is being used. A graphics card will jump up to a higher amount of usage if it is being used for rendering animations within Blender.

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