Intel i810e chipset problems

When I first installed Blender, about 3 weeks ago, everything was fine. But today, for some reason, I upgraded my drivers for my Intel i810e graphics card, and now the button and menu system is horribly slow. Hotkeys and mouse movements in the 3D window are fine.

Is this happening to anyone else? And if so, is there a way to increase response time? I WILL upgrade to a card made in this century soon, but I want my fast response back now :wink:

try going fullscreen. that helps me. of course, my problem is having an ATI card i think (although it only recently started screwing up, so maybe I’m blaming it unjustly)

I used to have an intel 82810e integrated card and when i got the updated drivers the blender gui was impossible to use but the engine ran faster now i have a radeon 9200 and the blender gui runs slow after a few hours of leaving it on so i just quit and restart it but it is still useable and i would get a new card like an geforce FX 5200 or something like that or use the old drivers.

( A Very Long Sentrance? )

Hmmm…downing the color depth from 24bit to 16bit fixed the problem. Weird